Gouverneur Healthcare is an existing 13-story long-term care and clinical service facility located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The project is divided into three primary areas of work: interior and exterior renovation of an existing building, mechanical infrastructure upgrades, and the development of a new facility. We are expanding the long-term care capacity to 301 beds (from the original 210), and upgrading the services to include shared baths, recreation areas, and country-style kitchens. Various medical departments will receive renovations, among them Pediatrics, Medicine, Imaging, and Dental. We will be implementing new fire alarms, sprinkler risers, electrical wiring, and domestic water and gas systems, in addition to refurbishing the existing air-handling units and reusing the riser trunk ductwork to feed new branch ductwork on the renovated floors. The new building will be a 100,000 SF steel/concrete structure and will utilize over 1,100 tons of structural steel (primarily built on what is now a parking lot) that will house new Surgery, Podiatry, OB/GYN, Adult Behavioral Programming, WIC, and Pharmacy departments. A 3,500 SF “bump-out” connecting the old and new facilities will also be built to create space for the additional bed count.

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